This year for the first time, Working In Neighborhoods participated as a Partner Charity in the Flying Pig Marathon.   It was a wonderful experience to be part of this nationally renowned event. The 15th Annual Flying Pig Marathon was the largest in the event’s history with about 200 charities, 150 volunteering  organizations and over 33,800 runners. It was a sell out for the first time. On Saturday alone, 16,000 people ran or walked through the streets of Cincinnati. On Sunday, more than 30,000 runners and/or walkers participated in the half or full marathon.
We would like to thank our Race Sponsors, Scream Teams, Volunteers at WIN’s Hospitality tent, Race Committee and a special thank you to our Race Chairman Steve Grieser. Steve worked tirelessly to organize our participation and with his guidance it was a great success for us.
One WIN highlight of the event was that a WIN supporter won the First Prize of the ‘Piggest Raffle Ever’ and donated the prize to Working In Neighborhoods. We are very grateful to the anonymous donor; thank you very much!
To see WIN’s Flying Pig video, click here!