GratitudeMy organization came upon two very courageous people; one who was displaced from Hurricane Katrina and became homeless, the other who had suffered a medical emergency, putting her behind financially. Both had worked all their lives until these unforeseen life events. It can and does happen to the best of us.
Each of these stories, with what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles, came to Working In Neighborhoods. Our experienced and caring staff worked feverishly to resolve every obstacle thrown in their path, striving for a positive outcome for each of them. Happily, we can report that one of the cases is well on her way to a new path with new beginnings, and the other has not only been able to save her home, but owns it free and clear; she will be able to look to retirement and enjoy life again.
I’m telling these stories because it is the kind of work we do, but above all, it is the dedicated and caring staff that makes up the team here at WIN. As one staff member stated, “Although the work can be exhausting and never ending, we are lucky to be a part of this great organization”.
As we continue our journey into WIN’s 36th year, we want to take a moment to celebrate the human spirit, and to those who give. Many of you will never know just how your gift touches a life, regardless of who you support, but you are engaged in the business of selflessness.
We often speak of kindness, and yes we could use more of it, but selflessness takes us all one step beyond. It means different things to different people, but the outcome is the same – goodness, caring, kindness and warmth to the heart. I know Working In Neighborhoods could not provide for those we serve without the many who have reached that special place and seeing the light of true selflessness. We thank you.