1Development of the Borden Corridor, a long awaited and anticipated project in South Cumminsville is again underway! As a continuation of WIN’s commitment to improve and safeguard this neighborhood, plans include the rehabilitation of 24 units, as well as acquiring land for additional development.
Marilyn Evans, President of the South Cumminsville Community Council, says “With the new homes, the changes in the neighborhood have brought a number of opportunities. We have new neighbors, we enjoy the added greenspace and the renovations are removing the blight. It is about time!”

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One of WIN’s recently rehabbed homes on Borden Street, which was purchased by a first-time homeowner in March.

During the coming year, 7 homes in various neighborhoods throughout the area are scheduled for completion, including two single family homes, one 3-bedroom and one 4-bedroom home.  Both feature new plumbing, new electrical, new HVAC and new roofs, as well as off-street parking. One of these homes was sold to a qualified WIN homebuyer in March.
For more information: e-mail Hope Wilson at hwilson@wincincy.org