ringers_sqDawn and Sean Ringer are making plans that are no longer dreams! Their new WIN home is making their dream a reality as they give the renovated house on Elmore St. their own personality. “When WIN helped us into our home, I could finally say, ‘Let the decorating begin,’” says Dawn. The Ringers’ new home is part of a $1.3 million, 24-home project to rejuvenate the Borden Street Corridor in South Cumminsville, an area in which WIN has worked for over 25 years.  The neighborhood has an overall home ownership rate of 54%, as high as 78% on some WIN-renovated streets, but the Borden Street Corridor has remained an area with lower homeownership and a large number of vacant and foreclosed properties.
 WIN has partnered with the South Cumminsville Community Council to focus on developing homes on and around Borden Street. Currently two homes have been renovated and sold to new homeowners, including the Ringers. The renovation of more homes and the continued offering of homebuyer classes and financial literacy seminars for potential Buyers will continue over the next five years with the goal of reaching a 58% homeownership rate for this project. Marilyn Evans, of the South Cumminsville Community Council, is delighted that the project is moving forward, saying that “We are thrilled to work with Working In Neighborhoods to bring our community up.”  WIN continues to collaborate with realtors, inspectors and lenders to provide education and to improve this neighborhood.
 Funders for the Borden Street Revitalization Project are The Greater Cincinnati Foundation; Duke Energy; the Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, PNC Bank Trustee; the City of Cincinnati; and the SC Ministry Foundation. In addition, Cooper Electric and the Adrian Dominican Loan Fund provided funding specifically for the Ringer home.
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