Why come to WIN?
WIN has been helping families, free of charge, to save their homes for more than a decade. Our housing counselors are HUD certified. Our counsel-ors help present your case to individuals who can make decisions about your loan, and work as an advocate for you and your mortgage.
My home is already in foreclosure. Can WIN do anything to save it?
YES! WIN has a high success rate at saving peo-ple’s homes. WIN has worked to develop partner-ships with banks, which makes a real difference. We know who to call, what questions to ask, and what forms to fill out. Just because a foreclosure has been filed does not mean you are out of time to save your home.
I am not behind on my mortgage payment yet, but my hours at work have been cut back and I am afraid that I will fall behind soon. Can WIN help me?
YES! The sooner you get help, the easier it is to save your home.
I tried to get a mortgage modification through HAMP last year, but I was told that I was not eligible. Has anything changed?
Recent changes to existing programs like HARP and HAMP have expanded eligibility, allowing more people to participate in these programs and get help. If you have applied in the past and turned down, our housing counselors can help you determine whether you may now qualify for assistance under the new guidelines.
I received a letter from my lender stating that my house will be foreclosed on. What do I do next?
DO NOT ignore any letter from your lender or any third party claiming to represent them. Contact the lender immediately to verify the letter and discuss your options. Then contact us.
Should I stay in my home if I receive a foreclosure notice?
YES! You may not qualify for many assistance programs if you abandon your property.
I’ve been contacted by a company offering to save my home, but how do I know if it’s a scam?
Beware of anyone who makes guarantees that they can save your home from foreclosure, especially for a fee. HUD-certified housing counseling agencies offer foreclosure prevention and mitigation help free of charge. And NEVER sign documents you don’t fully understand.
Can WIN help me deal with the legal aspects of the foreclosure?  
NO! WIN does not have attorneys on staff and our housing counselors are not permitted or qualified to offer legal advice under any circumstances. We can, however, refer you to free or low-cost legal services and resources in the community.