Old Timers Llewellyn Rehab ProjectFor at least 10 years, the men of Little Flower’s Old Timers softball team have been volunteering with Working in Neighborhoods. These guys have done everything from pouring concrete and demolition to painting and building fences, porches, and decks–usually during four to six-hour “barn-raising blitzes.”
This year, the Old Timers are working to complete a whole-house rehab project within a year at 3753 Llewellyn Avenue. The home is located in the neighborhood of South Cumminsville and is a three-story wood frame structure built in the early 1900’s.
The Old Timers have recruited help from the Little Flower Men’s Society and others from their parish and beyond who want to make a difference. “Service is part of our discipleship,” noted volunteer Paul Ross.”It’s putting our faith into action and reaching out beyond our parish,” added Jerome Gabis.

The house has also been adopted by two local businesses who are generously volunteering their labor and expertise: Cooper Electric and Robert Jones Plumbing.
The Old Timers are taking on all of the inside work but the plumbing and electrical, arriving in crews of 10-15 persons per volunteer day, completing demolition,  framing, insulation, dywalling, laying carpet, and painting. Volunteers from Marquette University and Catholic Heart Work Camp have also lent a helping hand. For more information about the “35th Anniversary House,” contact Samantha Reeves at (513) 541-4109 x. 127.