KurtInActionKurt Keller began his career in civil engineering and construction management in 1957, supervising major public works projects like bridges, transportation terminals, and highways throughout the United States. He’s overseen the construction of naval bases and harbors in places as far flung as the Middle East and North Africa. He’s worked as a landscape architect, engineering inspector, and land surveyor, and has taught classes in construction technology. He’s also fluent in French and German–a real Renaissance Man. Kurt
Kurt has been part of the WIN family since his retirement in the 1980s, a core and founding member of the all-volunteer “Downhill Construction Crew.”  Kurt has served as Working In Neighborhoods’ construction manager on several housing development projects over the past three decades, generously providing his expertise and guidance to build homes in South Cumminsville, Northside, Spring Grove Village and CUF.
When WIN’s housing development team needs to assess the potential of a vacant, foreclosed property and decide if it can be transformed into safe, efficient, owner-occupied home, Kurt is our on-site inspector and resident engineer. He can look at a blighted house and say, “This is not a problem. It can be done.” We cannot thank Kurt enough for everything he’s contributed to Working In Neighborhoods’ in support of our mission, the families who’ve been able to realize their dream of homeownership, and the communities that have become stronger having them as neighbors.