35th35“Thirty-five years ago, S. Judy Martinez and S. Barbara Busch acted on the signs of the time by engaging the South Cumminsville people to not be silent and to speak, and to not be invisible, but be visible. Through that engagement, lives have been transformed and so has a neighborhood.”

Sally Duffy, SC, President and Executive Director, SC Ministry Foundation
Friends, supporters, partners and vendors gathered in a festive atmosphere at Paul Brown Stadium to celebrate 35 years and move WIN into the next 35 years of fulfilling its missionto empower people through communtiy building, home ownership, and economic learning. Over 300 guests mingled and enjoyed refreshments as the Walnut Hills HS Jazz Combo provided music. A silent auction, raffle and “split-the-pot” were available throughout the evening. Emcee Rob Williams of FOX 19 led the program of events, featuring welcoming remarks by Ed Diller of Taft, Stettinius & Hollister and Sister Barbara Busch, highlighting the recognition of WIN’s 35 Partners.
Longstanding corporate partners for 20 years or more were represented by Johnna Reeder of Duke Energy. Ronald Faris of Ocwen Financial Corporation spoke for the newer corporate partners of under 20 years. Speaking for WIN’s government partners was Douglas Garver of the State of Ohio. Sister Sally Duffy addressed the assembly for the nonprofits and nonprofit funders, thanking WIN for “witnessing to justice, community engagement, shared membership, solidarity, stewardship, servant leadership, and the common good.”
Mr. Faris noted that “Our 10-year partnership has been a true success…by partnering with WIN and its dedicated team of housing counselors, we are able to offer innovative and highly effective solutions to keep families in their homes and stabilize the community. The work performed by this organization and other community-based groups around the country play a vital role in addressing the housing crisis and helping homeowners in distress.”
The atmosphere of convivial celebration continued as Kevin Crowley entertained all skillfully leading the the Heads or Tails split-the-pot and the Live Auction.


Major Sponsors of WIN’s 35th Anniversary

Sisters of Charity

PNC Bank

Huntington National Bank

Third Federal Savings & Loan

Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLC

Ocwen Financial Corp.

Chavez Properties

Edward Wells

Fifth Third Bank

Neyer Properties

SC Ministry Foundation


Frankenberg Group