Amy_group_2_1Working In Neighborhoods has always been a strong believer in collaborative efforts to improve the lives of people in our neighborhoods. An example is a special outreach program organized by Jennifer Lis of OCWEN and Pamela Hardin-Willis of WIN.

OCWEN Financial Corporation is a servicer of residential and commercial mortgage loans. Several years ago OCWEN  assumed GMAC loan servicing, and a need arose to provide face-to-face assistance to former GMAC borrowers who were struggling and in need of loan modifications. In July, in response to invitations from both OCWEN and WIN, borrowers met with respresentatives of OCWEN and WIN at Working In Neighborhoods.

As a result, each client was assigned to a WIN counselor and monthly meetings are now scheduled for each borrower. Two clients have already been offered trial modifications while others are still in the process or are going through the “Save the Dream Ohio” foreclosure prevention program.

We are happy with the turnout for this event and hope to do another outreach with OCWEN in the coming Fall. For more information about WIN’s Home Preservation programs, click here.