WIN empowers people to make informed choices for themselves and their neighborhoods through community building, home ownership, and economic learning. The development of neighborhood leaders who can advocate for themselves to improve their neighborhoods requires continued effort and commitment. As such, the process begins with the education of children in their early years of learning.

To assist in this endeavor, WIN offers an after-school program of tutoring and homework help for students from kindergarten through high school four afternoons per week. Individualized assistance is provided by Sister Annette Muckerheide, SC, a retired high school teacher and college professor. Sister Annette believes strongly in the unique potential of every child and encourages the students to fulfill that potential.

Concentrating on Math and Reading, among other studies, encourages students to develop thinking skills as they complete their work. Most students say they come to get help on their homework, as well as to “eat cookies and get on the computer.” One high school student explained that the program “has helped me with a lot of homework and has helped me in school.” In another case, a younger student who struggled with reading exclaimed recently, “I’m reading!!!”
Sister Annette notes, “After working with some of the same students for several months or even years, I gain a better sense of what each one needs to succeed in school. I try to meet those needs as best I can. I love my work at WIN and with the children, and consider it a great privilege to be able to help them grow into responsible citizens and leaders of their future neighborhoods.”

When students have completed their assigned work, they are permitted access to WIN’s computer lab under the supervision of Ms. Cozette Evans. In the absence of homework given by their teachers at school, Sister Annette gives assignments in consultation with each student. They also have access to books, puzzles and board games after they’ve finished their academic work.

In the coming year, WIN plans to add opportunities for physical activities to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle.