2013-06-25 11.24.45A Strategic Plan is an important guide for an organization to develop specific ways of fulfilling its Mission. Working In Neighborhoods’ Mission, to empower people to make informed choices for themselves and their neighborhoods through community building, home ownership and economic learning remains the same driving force, but as progress is made and new needs develop, the Strategic Plan will have new and different emphases.
During the past several months, WIN’s Board and Staff, working together in committees developed a new Strategic Plan that sets specific directions for the future. The plan envisions WIN becoming a Financial Stability Center, helping individuals and their neighborhoods through Community Building, Home Ownership, Financial Capability and Organizational Stability. This, and the next five newsletters will feature one of these aspects of the Plan.
Community Building programs which aim to develop community leaders and resources and grow strong community organizations are really the heart of all WIN’s efforts. Ms. Saundra Davis, a South Cumminsville resident for over 20 years, wanted to be more involved in her community and became active in the Community Council. “I met such nice people working with the Council”, she says. “It is a wonderful opportunity to promote a positive image of the neighborhood and to help make better things happen.”
Ms. Davis has seen much progress in the neighborhood, but also sees much to be accomplished in the community. She envisions a walking trail for exercise around the Wayne Playground. She emphasizes the need for a “real” grocery store and pharmacy, and sees community building as a way to get something done about cleaning up vacant and foreclosed properties in S. Cumminsville. She emphasizes, “I greatly appreciate WIN and the leadership of Sister Barbara Busch in promoting community building as essential in empowering people to improve our neighborhood.”