First Ladies For Health (FLFH) will be given the Catalyst For Health Awareness award at WIN’s November 16 Hall of Fame event. FLFH is a faith-based, nonprofit, volunteer organization. Its mission is to empower people in underserved communities to make informed choices about their health.

The organization leverages the leadership of the First Ladies (pastors’ wives) and other church representatives to promote community-based health initiatives. The organization was founded in  2014 by Dena Cranley, former First Lady of Cincinnati; Barbara Lynch, First Lady of New Jerusalem Baptist Church; and a host of local churches.  It was modeled after successful programs in other cities that addressed healthcare disparities.

FLFH has designed programs to address local health issues including Family Health Day. This event has served over 22,000 people of all ages in 22 communities. It provides health services including screenings for HIV, diabetes, hypertension, breast, prostate, vision, dental, mental health, lung, and asthma.

FLFH’s impact is possible through the combined efforts of over forty churches and hundreds of volunteers. The nonprofit’s strategic partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital helps to provide additional resources to grow and expand services that continue to address health disparities, reaching the most vulnerable people.

Mercy Health and Robie Suggs, CEO and President of Warsaw Federal will also be honored at WIN’s 2023 Hall of Fame Where You Live Matters.