Headshot of 2023 Hall of Fame Honoree Robie Suggs

WIN’s 2023 Hall of Fame honoree Robie Suggs discusses what drives her to help provide pathways to homeownership and financial equity for everyone in our community. Suggs, along with Mercy Health and Cincinnati’s First Ladies for Health, will be recognized at WIN’s November 16 celebration at the Hyatt.

Robie Suggs, CEO and President of Warsaw Federal is an active community leader committed to providing families in underserved communities with access to financial services and the opportunity to own safe, affordable homes.

“I was lucky; I grew up with my parents in a home we owned in South Cumminsville,” said Suggs. “However, early in my career, I noticed the inequities and the lack of homeownership opportunities. As I listened to family and friends, I became more engaged in trying to find solutions.”

Throughout her banking career and in her work on nonprofit boards, Suggs’s focus has been on leveling the playing field. “I became very aware that low- and moderate-income individuals have a much harder time securing safe and affordable housing.”  Working with organizations like WIN, Homebase Cincinnati, and the United Way of Cincinnati, Suggs finds ways to help people connect to the education and quality housing choices they deserve. What does she wish most for our community?  “Equity, generational wealth opportunities, and people making informed decisions.” “That’s where WIN comes in,” she commented.

Learn more about WIN’s Hall of Fame event and how to purchase tickets at https://wincincy.org/hof/.