Longtime WIN volunteer Brenda Busch poses next to WIN Housing Counselor Dennis Kinne.Brenda Busch, SC a former Catholic school principal and a key member of WIN’s family, started volunteering at WIN during the housing crisis caused by the “Great Recession”.  After helping thousands of families during her 13 years at  WIN, she is retiring from her volunteer housing intake post.

Busch supported WIN’s entire team of housing counselors during her tenure. “She’s a compassionate listener,”  said WIN HUD-certified housing counselor Dennis Kinne. “I think of Brenda as my right hand. She has been the first point of contact for people needing help avoiding foreclosure and for first-time homebuyers wanting education and counseling. Thanks to her efforts, I have a summary of the client’s situation before counseling starts.”

Talking with pre-purchase clients, Busch said, is easy. “People are excited about purchasing a home, and we have housing counselors who are very astute at helping them.”  It’s different when people are facing foreclosure. Busch choked up when she talked about the fear and devastation she had heard in clients’ voices. “Many folks said to me that they never thought they would be in that situation,” said Busch. In her experience, health issues, job loss, and divorce are often the cause.

Busch explains that WIN, as an organization, does not provide financial assistance.  However, a WIN HUD-certified housing counselor has the expertise to communicate effectively with the mortgage lender to help keep people in their homes. “I think WIN provides them with hope,” said Busch.

What will she miss most?  The grateful attitudes of the clients and the camaraderie of co-workers.  Her fellow staffers will miss her gentle spirit and compassionate nature. We are thankful for the many years she dedicated to helping families find and keep their homes.