It took patience, but Tamisha Gibson got what she wanted a 3-bedroom house with an enclosed porch, a backyard, and a nice-sized kitchen.

“I like the rain, and now I can sit on my porch and listen to it,” said Gibson. She had wanted a home for a long time but had put that goal “on the back burner” while she lived in Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) housing. There, they introduced her to WIN’s homeownership program.

In September 2022, she began working with WIN’s HUD-certified housing counselor, Dennis Kinne. Then she took WIN’s 9-hour homebuyer class. Gibson said, “I didn’t know much about home buying. I didn’t know that you got an inspection or picked an agent. Dennis taught me all about that.”

Kinne added, “Tamisha succeeded because she did what she needed to do to be ready to purchase. She also received down payment assistance through our financial partner Eagle Savings Bank. Plus, she had the good fortune to have a family connection to an available home.”

Gibson now lives next door to her parents in Mt. Airy. She is grateful for the help she received from Eagle and WIN. “If I hadn’t received down payment assistance it would have taken me at least another year to be able to purchase,” said Gibson. “ My nephew wants to own a home and I told him to go to WIN because they have great people there and he’ll learn how to save money and set goals.”

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