Tammy Edwards“Shawn’s goal after nursing school was to buy a home. The mother of three young children was tired of renting and paying someone else’s mortgage,” said Tammy Edwards, WIN’s HUD-certified housing counselor.

The two met in October of 2023 after Shawn had attended WIN’s homebuyer class. It was there that she learned that WIN provided free one-on-one housing counseling. At their first meeting, Shawn revealed she wanted to purchase a 3-bedroom house in January 2024. Edwards explained, “I want to know what their expectations are so we can dialogue and determine if they are realistic based on their financial situation.” Together, they reviewed Shawn’s employment history, cash flow, and credit score. They agreed on an action plan that included steps Shawn needed to take to repair her credit and increase her savings.

From October through February, the two met for 90 minutes each month. “From the beginning, Shawn was committed and focused on accomplishing her action steps,” said Edwards.

In February, Shawn contacted Edwards. She was discouraged after being told by her first lender that they would give her $125,000. Shawn thought that was not enough to purchase the home her family needed. Edwards reminded her, “When you are looking for a loan, an inspector, or a realtor, you need to shop around and compare; you have options.” Edwards was right. One of WIN’s lending partners offered to provide Shawn with a $200,000 mortgage. She also received down payment assistance. Edward’s eyes lit up as she read the email that let her know Shawn had signed a contract for her family’s first home.

If you or someone you know could benefit from free, one-on-one financial counseling, call WIN at 513.541.4109 or submit an intake form.