Fall and Winter Energy Saving Tips

October is Energy Awareness Month.  Here are some energy saving tips to help reduce energy usage before you get that first winter heating bill.  Weatherization tips from the U. S. Department of Energy: During the day open curtains on the south-facing windows - sunlight will provide natural heat and close them at night Cover drafty

South Cumminsville Community Garden

The South Cumminsville Community Garden (SCCG) was established seven years ago to provide a source of healthy food, to reutilize vacant residential land, create space for neighbors to gather, and to beautify the neighborhood. Neighborhood residents recognized that a community garden could address lack of fresh food access and poor health in several ways: Providing

Are you grateful? We are.

My organization came upon two very courageous people; one who was displaced from Hurricane Katrina and became homeless, the other who had suffered a medical emergency, putting her behind financially. Both had worked all their lives until these unforeseen life events. It can and does happen to the best of us. Each of these stories,

WIN's Newest Homeowner!

The little blue "Doll House" on Llewellyn Avenue has a new owner! Ken Oster purchased the WIN-renovated home in February and is excited to be a homeowner and a resident of South Cumminsville. The one-bedroom/one-bathroom home has an open floorplan that is perfect for Ken's needs. The flexibility of the floor plan and the affordability

Reclaiming Our Community Together

On April 21, Working In Neighborhoods released our annual study of foreclosures in Hamilton County. While the foreclosures in our community decreased by 17.5%, there were still 2,418 Hamilton County families who lost their home to foreclosure in 2013. Foreclosure numbers are improving, but the crisis is far from over. In the past 7 years,

Improving Neighborhoods

Working In Neighborhoods empowers people to make informed choices for themselves and their neighborhoods through community building, home ownership, and economic learning. During 2013, WIN staff and volunteers, working with our community partners, carried out that mission in a variety of ways. Here are some highlights of accomplishments during our 35th Anniversary Year. Economic Learning

This Is Powerful!

Did you know that 65% of the families Working In Neighborhoods serves are single-mothers with children. Of all single-parent families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority, and out of 12.2 million single parent families in 2012, more than 80% were headed by single mothers.Single parent women are raising 20 million children under

Read WIN's Spring Newsletter

Click here to download WIN's Spring 2014 Newsletter and read about our upcoming events, progress on the 35th Anniversary House, and other good things happening at Working In Neighborhoods!

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